About the AdverTran Product

AdverTran is a way for marketing companies to manage and deliver HD content, over the Internet, to target audiences.

Why you should consider an AdverTran system!
  • Easy to use Web Management Interface.
    • Access the Management Interface anywhere there is
      an active Internet Connection.
    • Setup client contracts at their own location with your personal logo on the website for Personal Branding!

  • Provides a Quality Control process for content production.
    • Provides control for standards of Quality.
    • Manages your Ad from "Concept" to on "Screen".

  • Delivery of content over the Internet.
    • Contact your local Internet provider and you’re practically ready to go!

  • Easily deliver Internal Institutional Ad content.
    • Global delivery and playlist options for Onscreen Presentation.

  • Manages Client Contracts.
    • Tracks Production Costs.
    • Record Monthly Billable.
    • Links Ads with Contracts.

  • Manages my HD Content.
    • 720, 1080, or custom HD content!

  • Manages Delivery of HD Content.
    • Controls when an Ad goes On / Off screen.

  • Manages my presentation Playlists.
    • Manually control your Playlist or use Auto Generation options.

  • Supports Multiple Mediums of Delivery and Presentation.
    • Digital Signage.
    • Pre-Show Advertising at Theatres.
    • On Screen Lobby Advertisements.
  • For details on how the product works feel free to browse the Help System.

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